Brake Price Rotor Price
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  • Brake Pads Standard
    Parts and Labor - Install new Standard Quality Brake Pads • Front or Rear • Includes Parts and Labor
  • Brake Pads Ceramic
    Parts and Labor -Install new Ceramic brake pads, low dust, the quieter, “one-piece” brake pads. Such as Wagner features Integrally Molded Sound Insulator that integrates the friction material, backing plate and insulator into a single high strength component. The application-specific design spreads out heat, sound and vibration over a much larger surface area for quieter operation. A unique application-specific laser-shaped friction optimizes pad-to-rotor interface for better braking performance. Wagner or equivalent
  • Service Call
    Cost to send Mechanic Crew to home or business to repair your car. Covers mechanics car and gas, and you do not have to sit in a waiting room. Convenience of coming out to you, cost for truck and gasoline. We do not charge anything to come out and inspect your car, only charge if you agree to repair
  • Brake Shoes Standard
    Brake Shoes and Labor to install brake shoes inside drum. Brake return spring hardware additional Includes Shoes and Installation. Recommend new Brake Hardware return springs Release the emergency brake before starting Improperly installed brakes can be dangerous. Remove the brake drum and inspect the brake assembly for signs of leakage. Leaky wheel cylinders must be replaced. Clean everything with brake cleaner. Allow cleaner to dry, remove the top return springs. Remove the hold down spring assemblies Remove the brake shoe return spring. Remove the assembly that captures the adjuster, then the adjuster itself Remove the shoes and emergency brake cable clip Clean the backing plate with brake cleaner. Allow to dry. Apply a light film of high-temp grease to the flat spots where the shoes contact the backing plate. Reverse the disassembly process using the new hardware and springs Reinstall the drum. Adjust the brakes by turning the adjusting star and the drum at the same time until you hear the shoes contact the drum.
  • Hardware Return Springs standard
    Parts and Labor - Install new Standard Quality Brake Pads • Front or Rear • Includes Parts and Labor