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Change Brake Fluid Every 2 Years

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Brake fluid lubricates movable parts within the brake system and prevents corrosion. Changing Brake Fluid is necessary to prevent premature replacement of expensive Master and wheel cylinders and calipers.

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Most “regular drivers” should be changing brake fluid every one to two years, (check your owner’s manual).
If you’re not changing brake fluid when recommended, you risk brake failure due to contamination, which leads to deterioration.
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Brake fluid multiplies the force of you foot many times over. See how brake fluid transfers the force of your foot through the tubes and hoses to the wheels. It circulates through the brake system and it has to be clean to be effective.
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Electronicly Tested Brake Fluid

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Brake Fluids have a limited life, not only because of water absorption but because corrosion inhibitors and stabilizers are depleted over time. Wear particles and rubber fragments will also slowly build up

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